Composite Decking Accessories

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Here at Rospals’ Composite Decking Shop, we stock every item needed for you to complete your composite decking, garden, gate, grass or project. From our Dual Faced ‘3D’ Next Generation Wood Grained Effect Composite Decking to the starter clips, fixings, screws and clips needed to complete your composite decking. 

Composite Decking Starter Clips & T Clips

Starter Clips help to space the distance between the composite deck boards at the beginning of the installation. This helps to avoid those large uneven, unsightly spacings seen on poorly installed deck boards. Starter Clips help provide you with a precise and accurate starting point when installing your new deck boards.


£29.99 for 100 inc VAT 

£15.99 for 50 inc VAT



Composite Decking Clip on End Caps

Tough precision manufactured Clip On End Caps are designed to  T-Clips are designed to clip onto the end of the composite deck board this helps to close the ends of the composite decking once the installation is complete. Composite edging trim can also be used.  




£2.00 inc VAT per End Cap 

Composite Decking , Composite L Shaped Edging Trim

High-Quality Composite Edging Trim – *Choice of 5 colours that match our Composite Decking Boards Edging trims are used to finish and complete your decking project, made from the same materials as our Composite Deck boards Edging Trims neaten up any edges and provide that tradesman like finish.

3.6 Metres Long 


£20.00 inc VAT per length

Deep Embossed 3D Wood Grained Effect Composite Step Edge

High-Quality Deep Embossed 3D Wood Grained Effect Composite Step Edge is designed to be used on steps and stairs at the end of your composite deck boards to close up the ends and begin your steps to neaten up all edges and provide that tradesmen like finish.

3.6-metre x 125 mm wood-grained top x 45 mm groove drop x 100 mm underside to lip.


£35.99 inc VAT per length

T Clips hidden Fixings & Screws

T Clips are designed to fit in between the composite deck board grooves to give you precise and accurate spacings, during installation.





£19.99 in VAT per 100




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