3.6m Composite Decking

From £24.25 per length Free Clips, Screws & Delivery
inc All FIXINGS, CLIPS, SCREWS,& VAT . Plus FREE UK Mainland Delivery


Our Grey grained effect Dual Sided composite decking features next-generation deep embossed 3D woodgrain finish and includes All FIXINGS, CLIPS, SCREWS,& VAT . Plus FREE UK Mainland Delivery per purchase.

Our Grey grained effect 3.6m (3660mm) composite decking features a beautifully bold, 3D next-generation effect deep embossed woodgrain finish.



3600mm X 146mm X 25mm

£24.25 inc VAT

Plus FREE UK Mainland Delivery

Our Grey wood-grained Dual-Sided effect boards are low maintenance, long-lasting alternative to traditional wooden decking. They have a honeycomb structure for the perfect balance between strength, durability, rigidity, and lightness. The boards are finished in a natural and highly effective modern and contemporary woodgrain effect. Our 3.6 metre ‘3D’ Next Generation wood grained effect composite decking boards have a honeycomb construction and are reversible with the ribbed edges offering a durable anti-slip walking surface, Rospal woodgrain composite decking offers a long-lasting alternative to traditional timber decking with low and virtually no maintenance. Rospal’s 3D woodgrain composite decking offers a modern, high quality, high-end finish that will set your decking apart from the rest. Our 3.6 metre longboards are 3660mm x146mmx25m and are available*stock depending* in a choice of 4 different colours, all on-trend and ultra-modern: Silver, Onyx,Ash ,Brown and Chocolate. The honeycomb design of our boards offers the perfect balance of strength, durability, rigidity and lightness. We also supply the required amount of fasteners and screws need to complete your project FREE with your order. The required amount of edging trim is approx 1 per 5m2 (L-ending /90-degree skirt) colour matching edge trims, step nose edging and accessories available.*

Key Features:

  • Board length: 3660mm mm
  • Board width: 146mm
  • Board thickness: 25mm
  • Each board weighs approx.* 5.9kg
  • Lightweight, durable Honeycomb structure
  • Reversible anti-slip tread pattern
  • No mould
  • No Splinters
  • Uv Stable
  • Highly Durable Long Lasting
  • All Rospal composite decking is manufactured from the highest grade composite materials which we believe offer more for your money.
  • 10 Year Warranty but the product is projected to be serviceable for at least twice as long.
  • Our composite wood grain decking boards comprises of approx* 58% wood fibre, 32% HDPE, 10% additives.
Low Maintenance
Long Lasting
Contempory & Modern
Deep Embossed '3D' Wood Grain Effect

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