3.6 m Composite Decking

From £24.25 per length Free Clips, Screws & Delivery
inc ALL FIXINGS, CLIPS, SCREWS & VAT. Plus FREE UK Mainland Delivery


Our Silver grained effect Dual Sided composite decking features next-generation deep embossed 3D woodgrain finish and includes all FIXINGS, CLIPS, SCREWS,& VAT. FREE UK Mainland Delivery per purchase.

Our Silver grained effect 3.6m (3660mm) composite decking features a beautifully bold, 3D next-generation effect deep embossed woodgrain finish.



3600mm X 146mm X 25mm

£24.25 inc VAT

Plus FREE UK Mainland Delivery

The Silver wood-grained Dual Sided effect boards are low maintenance, long-lasting alternative to traditional wooden decking. They have a honeycomb structure for the perfect balance between strength, durability, rigidity, and lightness. The boards are finished in a natural and highly effective modern and contemporary woodgrain effect. Our 3.6 metre ‘3D’ Next Gen wood grained effect composite decking boards have a honeycomb construction and are reversible with the ribbed edges offering a durable anti-slip walking surface, Rospal woodgrain composite decking offer a long-lasting alternative to traditional timber decking with low and virtually no maintenance. Rospal’s 3D woodgrain composite decking offers a modern, high quality, high-end finish that will set your decking apart from the rest. Our 3.6 metre longboards are 3660mm x146mmx25m and are available*stock depending* in a choice of 4 different colours, all on-trend and ultra-modern: Brown, Onyx, Ash,Grey and Chocolate. The honeycomb design of our boards offers the perfect balance of strength, durability, rigidity and lightness. We also have c The required amount of fasteners and screws are included completely FREE with your order. The required amount of edging trim is approx 1 per 5m2 (L-ending /90-degree skirt) colour matching edge trims, step nose edging and accessories available.*

Key Features:

  • Board length: 3660mm mm
  • Board width: 146mm
  • Board thickness: 25mm
  • Each board weighs approx.* 5.9kg
  • Lightweight, durable Honeycomb structure
  • Reversible anti-slip tread pattern
  • No mould
  • No Splinters
  • Uv Stable
  • Highly Durable Long Lasting
  • All Rospal composite decking is manufactured from the highest grade composite materials which we believe offer more for your money.
  • 10 Year Warranty but the product is projected to be serviceable for at least twice as long.
  • Our composite wood grain decking boards comprises of approx* 58% wood fibre, 32% HDPE, 10% additives.
Low Maintenance
Long Lasting
Contempory & Modern
Deep Embossed '3D' Wood Grain Effect

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