£21.60 per m2
inc. VAT

An absolutely stunning and uniquely designed artificial grass using a two-tone strand for a superb and super realistic finish. With its fantastic 40 mm height pile, soft finish and wave-shaped yarn this grass really is the one to beat. Available in 2 & 4-metre widths.

*Please note we cannot guarantee the same dye batch for 2m and 4m combinations for the same order




4m Wide x 1m
Grass Priced Per Linear Metre

£86.40 incVAT

*Free samples available, please call or see in-store for more details.

Knightsbridge artificial grass is a top-quality product that stands out for its unique design and superior performance. This artificial grass features a two-coloured strand design that provides a matte finish for a super-realistic appearance. The wave-shaped strands provide a stable and soft finish that is comfortable to walk on, making it perfect for use in gardens, playgrounds, and other outdoor spaces.

The dual-coloured strands and natural shades of Knightsbridge artificial grass make it almost impossible to discern from the real thing. Its stunning aesthetic creates a natural and seamless look that will enhance any outdoor space. Whether you have a small garden or a larger lawn, Knightsbridge artificial grass is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of a natural lawn without the hassle of maintenance.

In addition to its realistic appearance, Knightsbridge artificial grass is also incredibly pet-friendly. It is easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for families with pets who love to play outside. It is also incredibly durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic and extreme weather conditions without losing its quality or appearance.

Overall, Knightsbridge artificial grass is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a high-quality, realistic artificial grass for their outdoor space. Its two-coloured strand design, wave-shaped texture, and natural shades create a stunning aesthetic that will enhance any outdoor space. Whether you have pets or simply want a low-maintenance lawn that looks and feels like the real thing, Knightsbridge artificial grass is an excellent choice.


  • Total Height: 38 mm
  • Total Weight: 2895g/m2
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • UV Resistance: 10 years
  • Width: 2m & 4m
  • Drainage: 60ltrs/ min /m2
  • Tuft Gauge: 3/8th
  • Wave Shaped Yarn
Stage 1
Work out the size of the area you intend to replace and calculate this in square metres. (Length x Width = Total Square Metre) you would round any decimals up to the nearest m2.
Stage 2
Work out the Position of the rolls so that you reduce the number of joints. Remember to allow for wastage in your calculations. Place your pile direction running the same way (If possible looking into the pile) this will give you the best finish.
Step 3
Order your grass, fixings and the accessories you require online at or by calling our sales department on 01942 215531


If you are replacing an existing lawn, remove the surface to a depth of around 100mm and make sure to remove any and all debris (In cases where the existing ground doesn’t drain well you may need to remove more surface to aid drainage)
Level and compact the surface with the same amount of a good quality crushed aggregate, it may help to hire a whacker plate/compactor to complete this task.
Some people batten out the area that is being covered with pressure treated timber batons or sleepers to create a frame around the perimeter, the purpose of this is two fold as not only does it help to contain the aggregate but it also provides a secure frame onto which the grass can be fixed too.
Now lay approx 25mm of sand on top of the aggregate, leveling and compacting the surface again so it becomes flush with the top of the timber frame, at this point you would whacker this down again for a stable base. At this step you would now lay weed membrane over the surface area, we recommend to leave around a 100mm overlap.

Lay the artificial grass on top of the membrane. Allow approximately 50mm of artificial grass to trim off to make that perfect edge. It’s a good idea to leave the grass for a day to settle. This helps to stop any creasing or wrinkling.


Join grass edges together, when you are happy with the result, peel the grass back and lay our backing tape under the join. Using a spreader apply our Joining Glue, mastic adhesive or multipurpose adhesive to the tape, then simply fold back the grass taking care not to squeeze the adhesive up on to the grass strands.

Simply using a sharp craft knife and a straight edge where required, cut and trim your artificial grass to suit.


For Fixing purposes you can either use upins or galvanized steel twist nails depending on your frame/base.


Underlay can be used on harder surfaces such as concrete or flagged bases to provide a more natural, cushioned feel.
If laying on concrete or a patio base

Make sure that the surface to be covered is clean, smooth and free from debris. A self-leveling compound may be required to remove surface imperfections that may show through to the top surface especially on thinner surfaces.

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