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Absolutely happy with our recent order delivered, a pent roof 6x4 shed for my mobility scooter and 5 fencing panels. We have bought from this company before about 5 years ago, we returned back to Rospal for the following reasons: Very high quality wood used well worth the money and outstanding Customer Service. You can get cheaper else where but this Company are 'head and shoulders above their competitors' because of such high standards. Nicola thank you for your patience whilst we was making our mind up regards our order. Billy thank you for your time over the phone considering buying individual feather boards to complete another fencing job in the spring. Thank you to the installers who put our fencing panels in place and erected our shed very quick, efficient and clean work carried out the installation cost was very reasonable considering what they did. Anyone looking for a reliable company we highly recommend this company quality wood used with plenty of choices and options available. Thank you to all concerned!!

- Alan Jarvis

Artificial Grass Accessories

From £14.50
inc. VAT

Wetfix Tub

This is a great adhesive that is designed for bonding Artificial Grass & or Outdoor Carpets to a solid surface or weed membrane.

Multi Purpose Wet-Fix Adhesive is a two-component polyurethane-based adhesive system primarily designed for bonding artificial grass carpets to seam jointing tapes to produce a strong invisible joint along the carpet joints.

This special water-resistant adhesive allows installation in damp or even wet weather conditions and with the addition of ‘Rapid Set’ accelerator, can also be used in low winter temperatures, almost down to freezing point.

Easy to Use – Trowel Application

£36.00 each inc VAT

Artificial Grass Joining Glue Adhesive

Grass seaming adhesive glue cartridge, used to bond two pieces of Artificial Grass together with jointing tape – covers 4 linear metres of jointing tape.
Single part, Polyurethane adhesive for synthetic grass surfaces
Standard Cartridge Gun required for application
Aqua Bond Green Artificial Grass Seaming Adhesive Cartridge – 310ml


 £9.95 each inc VAT

Artificial Grass U-Pins

U shaped turf pins with beveled ends. Bag of 50 half green coated artificial grass turf U pins

Ideal for pinning down and securing artificial grass, weed control barrier fabric matting, frost fleece, fencing, or can also be used as secure tent pegs

Beveled ends for ease of insertion into the ground

Made from strong 3mm diameter galvanised steel wire

Size: 150mm length x 30mm wide x 3mm diameter, supplied in bags of 50.


 £12.50 each(per bag) inc VAT

Artificial Grass Joining Tape

Used when installing artificial grass to hold edges down and seems together.  Our joining tape is 10 meters long and 200mm wide, perfect for any join! This gives you a wide surface area to adhere to your grass or outdoor carpet, giving a good strong fix.  We Always recommend you order a few meters more than you need for waste and cuts.


£11.99 each inc VAT

Weed Membrane

Available in 20meter x 2 meter rolls (giving an overall coverage of 40m2) Weed membrane helps prevent weeds from ruining your new artificial lawn.

  £19.50 each inc VAT

Stainless Steel Twist Nails

Stainless steel twist nails are used to secure down your newly installed artificial grass into a framed timber structure such as 3×2 or similar * this method is also used on sleeper boarder designs.

Stainless steel

 £TBA each inc VAT

Heavy Duty Tradesmans Stanley Knife

Used for prepping and cutting your artificial grass during instillation.

Various colours

  £TBA each inc VAT

Artificial Grass Underlay

Our Artificial Grass underlay is ideal for giving your new artificial lawn sufficient cushioning if you are laying on top of concrete or decked areas.  With its springy cushioning it allows you to continue with your day to day outdoor activities.

Available in 1 metre square pads with drain holes to expel water.

£10.00 each inc VAT

Here at Rospals’ on site Artificial Grass Shop offer a wide selection of high-quality realistic ISO assured artificial grass, we also stock the items needed for you to complete your artificial grass installation project. Our onsite shop has all the materials, tools and sundries you need to complete your new lawn installation project.  From jointing glue, U pins and weed membrane to jointing tape and jointing glue, we stock everything you need to complete the job.

  • High Quality ISO Certified Artificial Grass
  •  10 Year Warranty
  • Child and Pet Friendly
  • U.V Stabilised
  • Self Draining
  • Safe for Children

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Please continue to liaise with us using your usual means of contact e.g. telephone , e -mail etc. Please do not visit the show & sales site at Ince as there are no team members on site. contact via all normal communication channels are still open and available.

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