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2 x T Hinge

1 x Padbolt

1 x Suffolk Latch



Featheredge GateFeatheredge Gate ConvexTongue & Groove GateTongue & Groove Convex Gate

6'x3' Featheredge Gate

FSC Certified Tanalised Wood


6'x3' Featheredge Gate Convex

FSC Certified Tanalised Wood


6'x3' Tongue & Groove Gate

19mm T&G


6'x3' Tongue & Groove Convex Gate

19mm T&G



2 x T Hinge

1 x Padbolt

1 x Auto-Catch


All of our heavy duty 'V' board feather edge gates

are manufactured using fully tanalised (pressure treated) Tanalith 'E', FSC Certified timber, harvested and sourced in the United Kingdom from environmentally managed and controlled woodlands.

All our tanalised, Tanalith 'E' timber products come with a 10 year anti-fungal, rot & decay guarantee.

Which matches our heavy duty ‘V’ board close board panels.

Any gate can be made to measure. Just ask.

Our Tongue and Groove gates

are made from 100mm x 19mm thick VTG timbers giving it added strength and durability, the back braces or zeds used are 4x1 planed all round timbers giving our gates that exceptional touch and tradesman's finish.

Our tongue & groove gates come unseasoned to give our customers the opportunity to treat them in whatever colour they like, some customers even leaning toward the colour pink. We also offer a wax enriched wood preservative treatment that penetrates deep into the wood giving it a long lasting protection. The colours we offer are light oak giving a warm honey brown appearance and also dark brown giving your gate a rich dark colour we no longer offer green as a treatment.

Our gold star wood preservative treatment also protects against:

Our gold star wood preservative is ideal for sheds, untreated timbers, dipped fence panels, floorboards, joists and roofing timbers. Most of our customers highly recommend it for decking due to its deep penetrating preservative properties. Each and every gate or double gate we treat is given 2 maximum exposure coats so that when the rain hits the timbers it beads off like water off a duck’s back.

The cost of this service is just £9.00 for a single gate or £18.00 for a double set of gates and as always both prices include VAT!

For that price it isn’t worth getting the paint brush out.

Any gate can be manufactured, just ask.

Rospal Treatment add £9.00

We also manufacture Pailing, Arched Pailing & Picket Gates.
Prices and availability on request.

If you are in need of a gate of a specific size that isn't one of the above then just let us know!

We'll be happy to build a gate of any size for you with one of our famously low prices.


2 x T Hinge

1 x Padbolt

1 x Ring-Catch